Welcome to Baxter Station

About us

Proper disposal of large quantities of trash can prove to be a difficult task here in Louisville. Luckily that’s where we step in and make that process a lot quicker and less stressful. With one easy call, you can have yourself a roll off dumpster delivered to your doorstep, and have it hauled back just as easily. What makes us stand out from the rest in the dumpster business is our efficiency in disposal and our great communication with our customers. Our operators are almost always ready to take your call! We also care deeply about our environment, and because of that we take every step necessary towards preserving it. By picking our services, you’re one step closer to cleaner surroundings for your family and neighbors! And if all that wasn’t enough, we’re also very versatile adjusting to the material you’re disposing. From debris to recycled materials, we do it all!