Learn how to rent a dumpster efficiently here

Let’s face the facts, dumpster rental is the best solution for waste disposal of big commercial or resident projects. It might even be the best solution for everyday business waste and home renovation debris. Be it a permanent or temporary dumpster renting service you’re after, following these guidelines will most likely ensure your garbage is disposed of in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Minimize the dangers and difficulties

Safety always comes first, and with that in mind, it’s of up most importance that no accidents occur during the dumpster pickup or delivery process. This safety hazard can be easily avoided by distributing the weight of the trash evenly throughout the surface of the container. It’s advised to fill the container starting from one end, and lead your way down to the other. This will ensure that the weight of the load is evenly distributed.

Note that it’s important that the area isn’t obscured by anything in order to have a successful pickup or delivery procedure. To prevent this kind failure, it’s advised to clear the area around the dumpster location. Make sure no wires or branches are located above that area. Also, leave at least ten feet of free space along the sides of the dumpster. This will make sure the whole delivery/pickup procedure is executed in the most efficient manner.


Close the dumpster properly

Filling the dumpster over the capacity limits will lead to trash spillage. If the dumpster has doors or a cover lid, make sure it closes properly! Failure in closing will ensure you that you’re exceeding the designed container capacity. Even though you’re sure you’re following the quantity regulations, be careful of sneaky passer-by and neighbors that might overfill your dumpster by throwing in trash behind your back.

Make sure you have the necessary permits when planning to place a dumpster on a residential area or any kind of public property. Be informed about the permitted contents of your dumpster. Even though we plan to make trash disposal as easy as it can be, throwing some items just can’t be allowed. Toxic and hazardous materials must be taken care of with caution, and the right solution for disposing them is to contact the right hazardous waste collecting service near you. These prohibited items can be recognized by reading the symbols or warning labels usually placed at the back of the item. This goes the same for highly flammable materials, as they might cause safety problems both for the public, and for the dumpster renting service.